Escape from a day at the office and try not to strain your eyes.

Tip: Look around too much and you will lose sanity.

Move:         WASD
Look:         Mouse
Open Eyes:    Spacebar
Interact:     E
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorsNicholas Nakano, mattlawr, lyango, Chris Yoon
Made withBlender, Unity, GIMP
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Download 40 MB


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very interesting concept, good job


This seems like a cool concept, except... How am I supposed to stay alive if even with my eyes closed i can die? I'm not supposed to keep looking, but closing my eyes does nothing but disorient myself too? 

Really cool concept, but tired of dying by a....

Spoiler alert:

Chair, that won't leave me alone lmao


Cool visuals and idea, kinda poor execution. One time the chair got me without me realizing I even looked at it (seems like as long as 1 pixel is on screen it goes after you) and it feels as though 1 peep dooms you


I never thought that a chair could jumpscare me, but that was terrifying. (good game)

Spoiler alert


we are making a horror game what should are our antagonist be?

worker1 "monster!"

worker2 "animal!"

worker3 "chair"

thats a great idea!

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good game

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itss fookin chair maite!!! Lol cool game pretty hard though. Game really gave me goosebumps. Its good speed running.

its a flipp'n CHAIR? lmao

Hey Nice Game Idea, I play it in German and I hope that anybody see this and get an good look at this nice game ;D

why did i die but the chair didn't touch me?

Deleted post

Imma be honest, THAT CHAIR SCARED ME-



this is a very good game i didnt even notice that it was a chair that jumpscares you interesting concept as well


Did.... Did I get jumpscared by an office chair?

The concept is simple but esciting, and the graphics/sounds are also good. It gets quite scary though, and can be quite hard (sometimes closing eyes don't seem to help).
Overall a very well made game.

Really really great concept here! Gave me few spoops and overall creeped me out, love the ps1 vibe too. great job dev!


I jumped out of my seat at school and looked like a fool now this is a good game!

get back to work yulai.

Super challenging. I got to room 3.

just made a video on this for spooky month one of the best ones iv played the mechanics are cool and i like the graphics its not very scary its just incredibly tense and a very fun experience overall if you want to watch the video here it is and thank you if you checked it out 

p.s. very hard game

I tried this and 17 other entries from the scream jam. Personally I have a huge problem with games that in some way make it necessary to not be able to see the game at all for long periods of time but apart from that it feels really cool! Office Hours is the first game in the video.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I found this game sooooo addictive, despite not being able to complete it. I’m going to keep try until I reach the end though... I’ve just got to work out a system to do it. 

The graphical style is great, as is the audio. It creates a tense atmosphere, especially having to keep your eyes closed. A great concept and one that will keep my coming back for more!






This is pretty great but dang hard! Would be a good section in a bigger horror game.

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